Cicloturismo Alicante – ALICANTE BICYCLE TOURING

Cicloturismo Alicante – is a project promoted by that aims to integrate wonderful [interconnected] touring routes along Alicante, Valencia and Spain/Portugal to promote travelling by bike. The goal is offering an easy-use map for cyclists to travel all over Iberian Peninsula under the parameters of low traffic and ciclable ways.

ALICANTE BIKE TOURING / Please note that all those cycling routes have been tested by our collaborators, but will not assume any responsibility due to incidents that may occur during a bicycle trip. The maintenance and signaling of roads belong to the public administration, and cyclists must respect the signs even when a track could pass through an incorrect or prohibited road.

Greenway of Alcoi


Marina Baixa

Alicante Bicycle Touring
Marina Alta
Foia de Castalla
Greenway of Maigmó-Agost
Vall de Pop
Cycle tourism from Alicante to Cartagena
Discover the history of Alicante

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